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Young Man, Who Overcomes Mental Illness & Prison Sentence, Gives Hope to Many

I met Kevin Cleare when we both won awards from the National Council. Hear him discuss how he turned his life around and how he helps others do the same.

Woman Who Overcame Abuse, Homelessness, & Mental Illness to Help Thousands!; The Sharon Wise Story

Hear from a woman who has overcome it all--abuse, homelessness, addiction, & mental illness to help thousands!

What's Good Enough? Play on 5 Women with Depression & Bipolar

Hear from Amelia, a "story collector," or one of the women who helped write Good Enough, which has shows on May 14, 15, 21, and 22 in Chicago.

Happy 1st Anniversary! Your Top 10 Flipswitch Podcasts & Articles

I became the host & author of Flipswitch one year ago. See the top 10 most popular items of the past year. Did yours make the list?

Young Author Reads from New Book, Perfect Chaos

Linea Johnson talks about the book she wrote with her mom (Cinda Johnson) Perfect Chaos, which chronicles her journey through bipolar disorder.

Reunion Between Childhood Friends leads to Play on Mental Illness

What happened the last time you reconnected with a friend? You'll hear the surprising thing that happened when two friends found each other after 30 years on Facebook.

Impact Series Pt 10: Would you Keep Your Friend's Secret No Matter What?

How do you move on when everyone has seen you at your lowest? Would you keep your friend's secret no matter the cost? Hear 17-yo Kelsey's story.

Impact Series Pt 9: Words You Need to Hear if You've Lost Someone to Suicide + Tips for Making a Difference at School

Do you want to bust stigma at your school? Hear tips from Reed, Co-President of his high school's Erika's Lighthouse chapter.

Top 10 Activities List: Things NOT to do & Things TO do with a Depressed Friend

Ever wonder if the things you're doing might be unintentionally making your depression or a friend's depression worse? Listen for 5 things NOT to do and 5 Things to do.

Impact Series Pt 6: Teen with Bipolar Talks about Being President of Largest LETS Club in U.S.

In the first half of my interview with Sarah, the President of the largest LETS club in the US, Sarah talks about how a best friend saved her life.


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