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Young Author Reads from New Book, Perfect Chaos

Linea Johnson talks about the book she wrote with her mom (Cinda Johnson) Perfect Chaos, which chronicles her journey through bipolar disorder.

The Lesser of Two Evils


After an hour reviewing the recent issues with breakthrough psychosis, the extreme anxiety around the requisite blood draws to check white blood cell count, and the real issue of this being the least stable time of year, I heard Tim’s new psychiatrist say the words that I knew were the right decision, but vex me nonetheless: "let’s leave him on the Clozaril, add 100 mg at midday, and postpone any big medication changes until his impending move to an 18 and over facility in May."

Electroconvulsive Therapy in Adolescents vs Adults

The article summarizes the level of effectiveness of ECT for both adolescents and adults, which was concluded to be 58% for each. One important difference was that adolescents were generally in the "psychotic spectrum," whereas adults were in the "affective spectrum."


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