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Mental Health & Dating Series Pt 3: 3 Tips for Making it Work When You have a Mental Illness

Hanh, a married fitness coach with Bipolar II, shares 3 tips for relationship success when you have a mental illness.

Mental Health & Dating Series Pt 2: What Not to Say When the One You Love Has Bipolar Disorder

Hanh, a fitness coach with bipolar disorder, tells us about how her illness has affected her relationship with her husband when they were dating and now that they are married. We discuss things NOT to say to a partner with bipolar disorder. We also discuss helpful things you can say or do when the one you love has this illness.

Manic Overspending Pt 1 (of 2): Why It Happens & How to Prevent It

This podcast discusses the obvious and not so obvious activities that lead some people with bipolar disorder into debt. What role do mania and hypomania work in moving people to spend too much money? What's the solution to the problem?

Hanh's Story Pt 2 (of 2): Vietnamese-American Immigrant Talks about Overcoming Cultural Barriers to get Bipolar Diagnosis, Help

In Pt 1, we heard how Hanh's family fled the turbulence of Vietnam after the Fall of Saigon. Hanh described growing up with depression and hitting rock bottom in college with drugs, alcohol, & suicidal thoughts. In Pt 2, she shares Hope--hear about the conversation that changed her life. Hear how she overcame cultural barriers to get a bipolar diagnosis and live well!

Hanh's Story Pt 1 (of 2): Daughter of Vietnamese-American Immigrants Discusses How both Cultures Impacted her Bipolar Disorder

Hanh was born in a refugee camp in Thailand when her family fled Vietnam after the Fall of Saigon. She came to the U.S. at 10 months-old with her family through a refugee sponsorship program. Hanh discusses growing up with bipolar disorder and the roles American & Vietnamese cultures played in her ability to get help.

3 Bipolar Myths; How Catherine Zeta-Jones is Changing the Face of Bipolar Disorder

Catherine Zeta-Jones gets help for Bipolar II. Charlie Sheen denies having bipolar disorder (remember he's "bi-winning"?). So what exactly is bipolar disorder?


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