Tribute to Author & Advocate Bebe Moore Campbell; 3 Lessons for People Fighting Bipolar or Depression & Those Who Love Them

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In this podcast, we honor the late great African American author and mental health advocate, Bebe Moore Campbell. Though she died in 2006, her legacy lives on today.  In 2008, Congress declared July Bebe Moore Campbell National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month.  In this tribute, I reenact (with the help of friends) 2 scenes from her spellbinding novel, 72 Hour Hold.  We unpack 3 lessons for
anyone fighting bipolar or depression or anyone who loves someone fighting this battle
.  72 Hour Hold is about a mom (Keri) fighting for her daughter (18-year old Trina) who is in the trenches of bipolar disorder. 

Your Thoughts?:

  • Can you relate to Keri's unconditional love for her daughter despite Trina's manic outbursts?
  • Can you use any of the 3 lessons in either 1) fighting bipolar disorder or depression or 2) loving someonewho is fighting these illnesses?

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Interested in learning more about National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month (July)?  Click here to see NAMI's website (National Alliance on Mental Illness)!

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