Mood Charts

The Balanced Mind Parent Network recommends that parents keep a daily chart of their child's mood, sleep, energy, medications, psychotherapy sessions, and statements or events of concern. Ongoing monitoring will help you begin to recognize any patterns of stressful life events that may act as triggers for mood episodes. Over time, this chart becomes a valuable record that can be extremely helpful to professionals, you as the parent, and (as the child matures) your child himself. 

Treatment of mood disorders can involve numerous trials of different treatments, alone or in combination. Keeping a daily chart will help you remember the effects of different medications. There are many different types of charts that you can either print out, use online or download onto a smartphone. Regardless of which chart you choose, recording on a regular basis will be important to help your child reach stability.

Printable Charts

  1. NIMH Child Life Chart
    This sophisticated chart is often used in research studies funded by the NIMH. For information on filling out the chart, click here: Instructions
  2. Shelly's Mood Chart (created by a Balanced Mind Parent Network parent)
  3. Julie's Mood Chart for Boys (created by a Balanced Mind Parent Network parent)
  4. Julie's Mood Chart for Girls (created by a Balanced Mind Parent Network parent)
  5. Kimberly's Mood Chart (created by a Balanced Mind parent)
  6. Boy's Mood Chart (developed by Tracy Anglada -
  7. Girl's Mood Chart (developed by Tracy Anglada -
  8. Rainbow Mood Chart
  9. Daily Feeling Chart
  10. Thermometer Mood Chart

Online Charts

  1. DBSA Wellness Tracker
  2. MedHelp Mood Tracker
  3. MoodTracker
Smartphone Apps

  1. DBSA Wellness Tracker (Apple)
  2. eMoods (Android)
  3. iMoodJournal (Apple)
  4. Optimism (Apple/Windows)
Last updated: September 16, 2014


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