Good News Stories: The Balanced Mind Parent Network Saved My Daughter's Life

by Elizabeth Tunney Williams, The Balanced Mind Parent Network Development Director

Liz Tunney Williams, The Balanced Mind Parent Network Development DirectorMost of us come to The Balanced Mind Parent Network in crisis. I want to share a “good news” story from one of my The Balanced Mind Parent Network friends, Sharon, and her daughter Megan. 

Sharon recently emailed me on the 8th anniversary of Megan’s unsuccessful suicide attempt to let me know that The Balanced Mind Parent Network saved her daughter’s life…and consequently her own.

When Megan was 13, she tried very hard to end her own life. She swallowed a lot of pills.  She was lucky to leave the hospital without needing a kidney transplant.

Later, when she was in high school, she again thought about ending her pain permanently. At times she was so low that she couldn’t even leave her room for days. Other times, she engaged in risky behavior. Depression loomed like a suffocating black curtain. At times she had uncontrollable racing thoughts, which provided the energy to act on her dark ideas. High school was a blur, and Megan’s brain was a war zone. When Megan entered college, I thought we had finally made it, only to have my hopes dashed when I learned that Megan had gone off her meds, and dropped out of college.

The good news is Megan is a fighter and a survivor. Backed by a team of doctors, counselors, medicines and therapy, Megan’s will to live and succeed has enabled her to accept her illness and take charge. Today, almost exactly 8 years after she attempted to take her life, she is a senior in college. She lives on her own and has learned to manage her medicines, therapy and schedule. Her plans for the next year include either graduate school in anthropology or studying at a nearby culinary institute. She hopes to use her experiences and insights to help other children who are struggling just like she did.

The Balanced Mind Parent Network kept me sane during the “dark days” of Megan’s teenage years. You provided all the resources I needed to help Megan including information on finding a doctor, medications and their side effects. The community of other parents which I found online provided me with the comfort and security of knowing that I was not alone….others were walking the same road as I was.” 

Although Sharon may no longer “need” The Balanced Mind Parent Network, she is still an active member of our community both as a volunteer and donor.
 Sharon faithfully contributes to The Balanced Mind Parent Network each month. She says she is happy to give back, as she credits The Balanced Mind Parent Network with saving her daughter’s life. 



If you have been helped by The Balanced Mind Parent Network, please consider a monthly donation, in any amount which is right for your family, so we can continue to help families such as Sharon and Megan. Thank you for your generous support!

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Last updated: February 8, 2010


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