The Balanced Mind Parent Network is a Stigma-Free Zone

by Nanci Schiman, MSW
The Balanced Mind Parent Network Program Manager

Nanci Schiman, The Balanced Mind Parent Network Program Manager

Nanci Schiman, The Balanced Mind Parent Network
Program Manager

We know that stigma surrounding mental illness can be isolating. It leaves us feeling vulnerable, judged, ashamed, and perceived as being inadequate parents. The Balanced Mind Parent Network is  participating in Bring Change 2 Mind so that we can work to break down the misunderstanding surrounding mental illness. We joined this campaign so our children can grow up to live in a world where their friends, colleagues and family will better understand their struggles. 

If you are feeling the effects of stigma, come to The Balanced Mind Parent Network!
Join our online support networks, forums and chat rooms to:

•    Connect with other parents to gain strength from knowing that you are not alone.
•    Get support from people who ‘get it’…who are ready to help…not judge.
•    Find information and resources; benefit from the collective experience of others.
•    Learn how other parents have explained their child’s diagnosis.
•    Brainstorm on ways to raise public awareness that mental illnesses are biologically based and treatable.

Other illnesses have overcome stigma. We will too. Remember when we used to whisper the word ‘cancer’ in the 70’s or the horrible stigma surrounding HIV/Aids in the 80’s? It’s our children’s turn. Gain strength from your friends at The Balanced Mind Parent Network so that you can Bring Change 2 the Minds of the people in your life. Click here to learn how to join the fight against stigma.

Last updated: January 6, 2010


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