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Moving Goalposts: Is It Becoming Normal for People To Play Video Games For Longer and Longer Stretches of Time?

Coming up soon on Flipswitch, we'll be interviewing a couple of major designers in the video game industry as we take a look at the issue of video game addiction. At times, it may come across like we're wagging our fingers at them for making games that get so many people for such long stretches of time; however, that's not exactly right. The reality is the fact these things are so fun to play for so many people that it makes them want to play forever means in their particular field of video game making, they're extremely good at their jobs. That is precisely what they're supposed to do. So, we're definitely not trying to sound conspiratorial or that they're somehow "to blame" for the phenomenon of average folks playing video games for WAY too long.

A Crash-Course In Video Game Terminology

Because, let's face it, you have no clue what we're talking about do you?

Interview with Ryan Van Cleave, Author of Unplugged: My Journey Into the Dark World of Video Game Addiction

Continuing our dissection of the issue of video game addiction, we talk to someone that has dealt with it firsthand. Ryan Van Cleave explores some of the issues he faced as a video game addict. He is the author of the new book, Unplugged: My Journey Into the Dark World of Video Game Addiction.

Interview With Kourosh Dini, MD On Video Game Addiction

The first in our series of interviews with experts on the phenomenon of video game addiction.

Upcoming Show On Video Game Addiction

Upcoming on Flipswitch is an exciting new episode on the phenomena of video game addiction. In a world with upgraded graphics’ cards, emerging online capability, and billions of dollars made off of teens each year, this episode is as timely as ever. The Flipswitch crew look at the ins and outs of video game addiction with interviews along the way with doctors that specialize in such addiction issues, game designers that seek to keep players coming back again and again, and the very teens and young adults whose lives are inseparable with video games these days. Don’t miss it

Mood Disorders In the Media: The 2010 Gulf Oil Spill

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a huge media story these days, and for good reason. Oil spills can have profound effects on the lives of people that make their living off of that Gulf somehow. Those effects include mental health issues.

Personal Improvement Project Update: Aime Lynn

Aime Lynn updates us on her personal improvement project, highlighting the importance of recognizing that sometimes other things need to take first place above your original plans.

Erasing Negative Thoughts: All-Or-Nothing Thinking

Aime Lynn talks low in one part of this segment, ruining the entire piece. It can't be any good if that one part is messed up. Wait, maybe that's a form of All-Or-Nothing thinking, a negative way of thinking that feeds depression and ties you in knots!

Discussion: Medication Practicalities

Chris, Aime Lynn and Krissi talk about some of the practical issues that continually come up with taking medication.

Ryan Goes Back to the Drawing Board For His Workout Program: A Necessary Part of Change

If you're dealing with a mood disorder, you probably want to change something about your life. Perhaps you just don't want to feel so rotten. Perhaps you want to have more control over you own life. Whatever the case, sooner or later, you'll have to make some kind of adjustments to your life to get what you wanted. Like anything else, likely this change won't be smooth sailing.

Ryan faces that very challenge when he takes on a smaller life change by embracing a workout routine.....and it doesn't go well. But he perseveres, goes back to the drawing board and tries all over again.


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