Get an Inside Look at the Lives We're Changing; starting October 2012

The Balanced Mind Parent Network is embarking on a new adventure--we're giving people an insiders look at the lives we change everyday!  Come be part of it, or if you already are, bring a friend to our offices in Chicago and help spread the word about our name in the community.  
Social Connections

The Balanced Mind Parent Network provides hope to over 400,000 families nationally each year who are caring for children with mood disorders. We do this by educating, empowering and ending isolation. In order to reach more families, The Balanced Mind Parent Network is has begun offering free one-hour gatherings called "Bringing Hope Home" so that people can see first-hand how we are changing lives every day. You will NOT be asked to donate any money and we will only make one follow up call just to get your feedback and answer any questions you have. That’s it.

Please call Judy, Kelly, or Jessica at 847-492-8510 to let us know which session you are interested in!

Here are the dates and times of our upcoming Bringing Hope Home gatherings. Feel free to invite a friend, co-worker or family member to join us.

January 30, 2013                  Wednesday 5:30 pm

February 6, 2013                  Wednesday 4:30 pm—Munster, IN

February 20, 2013                Wednesday, 1:30 pm—Kenilworth, IL

March 6, 2013                       Wednesday, 11 am

March 12, 2013                    Tuesday, Time TBD—Naperville, IL



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