Celebrating Natn'l Bipolar Awareness Day with Top 10 Bipolar Articles & Podcasts

Wish friends and family knew what bipolar felt like? Or that people with bipolar can be successful? Share this Top 10 List! National Bipolar Awareness Day is October 11. Often times it's hard to educate the people we care about without getting into arguments.  Here's a fun, non-confrontationl way to end stigma--share these 6 podcasts and 4 articles featuring strategies and stories of hope from people with bipolar.  Mental Illness Awareness Week in the US is from October 7 - October 13, 2012.

Top 10 Bipolar Articles and Podcasts from Flipswitch:

10.  Flipswitch Fans Share Top 10 Bipolar Myths (Part 1/2)

9.    Can Young Love Tested by Bipolar Survive? (Melody & Matt's Story)

8.    When Television and Hope Collide (AKA the 90210 and Law & Order SVU podcast)

7.    Can't Sleep? 3 Ways to Handle Manic and/or Sleepless Nights

6.    Bullied for Having Bipolar But This 16-yo is Nobody's Victim!

5.    5 Things NOT to say + 5 Things TO SAY to Someone with Bipolar Disorder

4.   Why a Win for Homeland is a Win for People with Mental Illness (article)

3.   American Idol Contestant with Bipolar Delivers Stunning Performance and Story (article)

2.   4 Practical Lessons We Can Apply from Demi Lovato's Brave Example (article) 

1.   3 Bipolar Myths; How Catherine Zeta-Jones is Changing the Face of Bipolar Disorder (article)

--Author and Host, Jessica Lynn Gimeno

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