How You Can Help The Balanced Mind Parent Network; April 19 Luncheon on Bullying

Dear Listeners and Readers of Flipswitch Podcast/Blog,  

As you know the issue of bullying (and cyberbullying) is something very important to Flipswitch—I have done multiple podcasts and blogs on the issue including the popular Bullied for Having Bipolar but This 16-yo is Nobody’s Victim! and 3 Ways to Handle Cyberbullying from a Teen Target Who Fought Her Bullies and Won.  From your comments, I can see that many of you also feel very passionately about bullying.

The Balanced Mind Parent Network is hosting an event that will shed light on bullying.  If you’ve ever wanted to help us but didn’t know how, this event is the perfect opportunity!  We are hosting the Bringing Hope Home luncheon on Thursday, April 19, 2012 at the University Club of Chicago from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm.  Even if you don’t live in Illinois, you can still help!  Your help—either by 1) purchasing a ticket(s) or 2) sponsoring an ad in our ad book (souvenir program)—will enable us to keep helping the 37,000 families that use our services every year.  The Balanced Mind Parent Network is the only national organization dedicated solely to mood disorders in youth.  So many families benefit from our programs, which include: support networks, chats, forums, webinars, educational materials, a professional resource directory, and of course Flipswitch: the podcast & blog that helps teens and 20-somethings understand depression and bipolar disorder. 

All too often children with mood disorders are the targets of bullies because they are different.  Our luncheon will address bullying and the emotional distress it can cause for all families whether their children are in the mainstream or have special needs.  Two experts on bullying will be speaking on April 19: Brooke R. Whitted and Garen Staglin.  Brooke is a partner in the law firm of Whitted, Cleary & Takiff, LLC.  Brooke served on the Illinois State Superintendent of Education’s Anti-Bullying Task Force.  At the luncheon, he will discuss: a) conclusions and recommendations of the task force b) anti-harassment plans—what works and what doesn’t work and c) tactics and approaches for parents, caregivers, educators, and practitioners.  

Our second speaker, Garen Staglin, is a private investor and owner of the esteemed Staglin Family Vineyard.  Garen will talk about his family’s experience when his son was diagnosed with a mental illness, how his family has raised over $114 million in advocacy, and what lies ahead for mental health research.

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Won't you join us in bringing hope home?  

Flipswitch host, Jessica Lynn Gimeno

(Twitter handle: @Flipswitchteens)


I feel pity to those children who have disorders because they are usually the victims in bullying. As I put my self on their shoe I feel that I can't do anything aside from being strong because of their condition. I want to help them and cure them. - Texas Lending


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