Back to School with ADHD Pt 2 (of 2): Student Who Went From Academic Probation to Dean's List Shares 3 Tips for Success

Erin continues the story she began in Pt 1 (of 2) in the "Back to School with ADHD" series.  She tells us about a fourth problem students with ADHD face called Working Memory Disability or Executive Functioning.  Erin also explains 3 strategies students with ADHD can use to finish high school or college using her own experience as someone who went from academic probation to the Dean's List!  She also shares about how the Centre for ADHD Awareness, Canada helped her along with ADHD books that guided her.  For more info, just visit the Centre for ADHD Awareness, Canada at!  

Hear Pt 1 of Back to School with ADHD here!

Your Thoughts?/Suggestions for Comments:

  • Could you (or someone you know) use any of the 3 tips Erin explained?
  • Have you experienced problems with Executive Functioning?
  • Did you learn anything new that can help you?

--Jessica Lynn Gimeno

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