Friendship Series Pt 1 (of 3): What NOT To Do When Your Friend Has a Mood Disorder

Click here for Friendship Series Part 2 (of 3): Here's What to do When Your Friend Has a Mood Disorder

Click here for Friendship Series Part 3 (of 3): How to be a Good Friend When You Have a Mood Disorder

Ellie's back!  You may remember her from our very popular podcast, In Other Words Pt 2: Top 2 Misuses of "ADD;" College Student Unveils 4 Strategies for Fighting ADHD.  Ellie will now help us kick off a series of 3 podcasts in the Friendship Series.  Here, in Pt 1, Ellie describes her worst experience dealing with depression and ADHD.  She tells us about surviving the difficult season of her life and specific things friends said that actually made it worse.  Ellie also tells us 3 qualities of an "unsupportive friend"--it's an eye opener for anyone who wants to support someone with a mood disorder or anyone with a mood disorder who wants to find quality friends.  In Pt 2, Ellie will tell us about 3 qualities of good friends.  In Pt 3, we'll talk about how to be a good friend when you have a mood disorder.  (And yes, in honor of friendship and Friends, we are playing The Rembrandts' I'll Be There for You!)


Food for Thought/Suggestions for Comments:

  • Can you recall a time when a friend actually made you feel worse?
  • Did you learn anything from Ellie's interview?
  • What are the qualities of a good friend?

--Jessica Lynn Gimeno

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