Interview with Phil Frazier, Senior Producer of Madden Football From EA Sports

We continue our interviews of various video game personalities with Phil Frazier, senior producer of the Madden Football franchise from EA Sports. Madden Football every year outsells not only the competition of other football games but virtually all video games.  We discuss with Phil what goes into making a game that gets large groups of people to plunk down money each year for a new edition and we get his thoughts on video game addiction.


It's crazy how Madden has been outselling every other video game since it came into existence. Congrats!

Now what makes this game so appealing? Frazier talked about the graphics of the game and how that brings people in, but doesn't hold their interest. The change in experience brings more audience in, the authenticity of the players --- real, but fun!
The only gaming system I've ever been "hooked" on is the Sims, and I would certainly agree with Frazier about the interest. What got me to buy the Sims 2 and eventually the Sims 3 was how realistic the Sims looked as the years went on. But what kept me playing was all the new furniture and interactions and goals that came with the updated versions.

Frazier also talks about how the game producers keep people playing, in an almost subliminal way. Some of the cognitive compelling aspects include personal achievements: beating a difficult level, achieving every single part of the game, receiving awards, completing the entire game, and of course, social gaming. Frazier believes that the games are becoming more virtually social, but the solitary gaming isn't being completely replaced by the online games.

I still can't get over how these producers admit to video game addiction and talk about playing in moderation, yet they want the players to "always think about [the game]." They are feeding the addictions! "We focus 100% of our job on an experience that will keep people hooked (Frazier).

Frazier brings up how people need to live healthy, active lives. He then goes into how Wii gives a good work out. But I think that still defeats the purpose of GETTING OUT and being active.


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