Flipswitch Podcast

Jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge & Living to Tell the Story

Kevin Hines is a popular advocate who survived jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge. Read an excerpt from his forthcoming memoir.

27 Year Old's Quest to Put Schizophrenia on Film

I met Jonathan Looper, who has written, co-produced, and is starring in a film about his friend's schizophrenia. They're very close to raising the necessary funds to get it released--see how you can help.

Success Despite ADHD: 4 Strategies

This week popular Flipswitch guest Ellie graduates from college! Her victory is a perfect way to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month. Hear 4 strategies that helped her graduate from college despite ADHD.

Happy 2nd Anniversary; Top 10 Flipswitch Articles

What are the top 10 most popular Flipswitch articles ever?

A Change is Gonna Come: 22-yo with Schizoaffective Disorder Fights Stigma

Do you ever get so tired of discrimination and wonder if things will ever get better? Hear from a brave 22-yo, Katie, who has schizoaffective disorder (schizophrenia with a mood disorder). Katie is the Co-President of Northwestern University's Active Minds Chapter.

Awkward!: 4 Ways to Respond to Ignorant Statements about Mentally Ill People

Last week, I spoke at a national convention on succeeding in school or work if you have a mental illness. On my way to the convention, I had an awkward moment with a stranger who told me she had a sister with bipolar and that "these people lie." Can you relate to these conversations?

Dealing with a National Crisis When You Have a Mental Illness

National tragedies like terrorist attacks can be especially traumatic for people who have mental illnesses. In the aftermath of the terror attacks in Boston, it's important to explore how people with mental illnesses can deal with national tragedies in our 24/7 news cycle.

Can't Sleep? 3 Ways to Handle Hypomanic and/or Sleepless Nights

Are you 1 of 60 million Americans who can't sleep? Do you find yourself sluggish at school or work the next day? Listen up.

10 Ways to Get More Sleep

60 million Americans will have a hard time falling asleep. Are you one of them? See 10 solutions.


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