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Turning Adversity into Advocacy and into an Award.

<a href="http://www.thebalancedmind.org/flipswitch/podcast/2012/04/my-reflections-on-winning-2nd-prize-from-the-national-council">Turning Adversity into Advocacy and into an Award.</a>

Our very own Jessica Gimeno, podcast host and Online Communications Associate, won 2nd Prize in the National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare and Eli Lily’s Reintegration and Awards of Excellence 2012. The annual awards celebrate advocates who have helped people thrive despite mental illness. Click the link below to learn more about Jessica's advocacy efforts and this prestigious award.

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Kevin Hines is a popular advocate who survived jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge. Read an excerpt from his forthcoming memoir.
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27 Year Old's Quest to Put Schizophrenia on Film

I met Jonathan Looper, who has written, co-produced, and is starring in a film about his friend's schizophrenia. They're very close to raising the necessary funds to get it released--see how you can help.


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