Chat Room Rules

Chat Room Environment, Content, and Subject Matter

1.  The Balanced Mind Parent Network Chat Rooms are a place of safe harbor, a place where parents and caregivers can find empathy, support and reassurance as well as information (both factual and anecdotal). Your first and foremost responsibility is to maintain the safety of this environment.   

2.  The Balanced Mind Parent Network members represent a broadly diverse population from all ethnicities, religions, socio-economic status, lifestyles, beliefs and value systems.  Membership is based on INCLUSION, not EXCLUSION, and there must be an atmosphere of tolerance for differences.  At the same time, members must refrain from projecting their own beliefs or judgments on others.  Members MUST be respectful of the personal choices that each person makes in the best interest of their OWN family. 

 Each member should have the freedom to include, within the context of parenting, mentions of their personal habits and beliefs. If the topic is pertinent, impacts a member, his or her child, or is a source of strength and support for coping, the topic can be included. However, debates over the merits, weaknesses or values of differing perspectives are NOT allowed.

3.  There is absolutely no tolerance for "flaming," (a term for attacking members for their opinion, views, thoughts, etc).  Abusive, derogatory comments or discussions are similarly not allowed, regardless of whether or not the subject is a member of The Balanced Mind Parent Network.  The use of profane or vulgar language is not allowed unless quoting something your child may have said in relaying an experience.  When the use of profane language is appropriate, one or two letters should be omitted so as to minimize offense (e.g. h*ll).

4.  Members have unique and often painful histories, much of which they may choose not to share.  It is important to be sensitive to the fact that there may be times when a comment, while seemingly harmless, may strike a painful nerve for a member.  Both members need to recognize that there was no intentional harm, and that forgiveness and diplomacy are key.  If a subject causes pain or offense, members should raise the issue peacefully, acknowledge the area of sensitivity, and then move on.

5.   The The Balanced Mind Parent Network volunteers will monitor the chat room. Please feel free to private message a volunteer who is in chat with any concerns about members' noncompliance with these rules so that s/he can attempt to resolve the issue.  Or, if a volunteer is not available, you may email a The Balanced Mind Parent Network staff member at  for further assistance. Consequences for noncompliance may range from being given a warning, temporarily expelled from chat, or, if absolutely necessary, to being permanently banned from chat.

1.  Use of the The Balanced Mind Parent Network chat rooms constitutes ongoing acceptance of and adherence to these rules.

2.  Participation in chat is open to adults who are parents, guardians, family members or other individuals involved in raising or helping a child, adolescent or young adult with pediatric bipolar disorder. You represent that you are such a person.

Individuals (including parents, professionals, journalists and The Balanced Mind Parent Network members) who are doing research, or collecting material for books, articles, Web sites or other media productions, must disclose this and obtain prior written consent from The Balanced Mind Parent Network's Editorial Committee (for media projects) or Research Committee (for research).

  1. Guidelines for Journalists
  2. Research Guidelines
  3. Guidelines for students

2.  By participating in a The Balanced Mind Parent Network chat room, you agree to respect the privacy of other members and their conversations. Accordingly, no conversations, or any portion therein, may be used, quoted or published outside of the group, except for the rights granted to The Balanced Mind Parent Network as described below.

3.   The The Balanced Mind Parent Network Board of Directors appreciates the immense collective wisdom of parents who are raising children who have bipolar disorder. In keeping with The Balanced Mind Parent Network’s mission to educate, advocate and empower, The Balanced Mind Parent Network may periodically archive, republish, or access for research purposes transcripts from chat.  All identifying information about individuals, their children or others will be removed in order to insure confidentiality and anonymity.  Through your participation in a The Balanced Mind Parent Network chat room, you are giving permission for such material to be used within the scope of The Balanced Mind Parent Network’s goals and mission.

I understand that information shared in the chat room is not intended to replace the counsel and judgment of a doctor or other professional who knows my child and that all posts are subject to the Notices and Disclaimers and that I have read all such Notices and Disclaimers.

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